"I want you to join me."

I like to interpret this scene as an idea of what fandom is all about. This is why the Lego Fandom has been as amazing as it has been. Because the entire movie encourages creativity and taking something and making something new out of it. Because you don’t have to read the instructions and take something as it’s presented to you.

In only a few short months, we’ve come up with several different alternate universes. We’ve taken characters, portrayed as plastic lego bricks, and analysed every aspect of their personalities, their motives, their expressions. We’ve started expanding and exploring them in different AU’s, exploring relationships, adding headcanons, making our own interpretations of them, experimenting with different character designs, drawing fanart and comics, writing fics. Simply just being creative or thinking and talking about it and getting excited over it.

And everyone has had a blast doing it, well I personally have, anyway! We’ve made friends, had discussions, hung out in livestreams and simply just been inspired by one another. Collaborating with each other and expanding each other’s ideas. Taking something that was made and making something new out of it.

Carry on, all you Master Builders. Continue being amazing and building all your “weird, dorky stuff”. And keeping it respectful and kind (◡‿◡✿)

(ah sorry I’ll stop embarrassingly gushing over the fandom now.)

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Toothless playing in the grass (/^▽^)/.
Toothless playing in the grass (/^▽^)/.

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Imagine Hagrid going to Berk.

Imagine it.

Bearded men the same size as him.

Dragons of every shape and size.


Yer a Viking Hagrid.

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Really quick super sketchy Hijack.
It’s like 4 AM, I should probably sleep.
Art by me


Really quick super sketchy Hijack.

It’s like 4 AM, I should probably sleep.

Art by me


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"Hello, Hiro. I am Baymax. I protect your heart and body."

"Baymax? Huh?"

"Tadashi made me. From one to ten, how much does your heart hurt?"

"Leave me alone."

(Japanese trailer rough English translation)

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Or, “How You Know You Are In An Abusive Relationship 101”

My mom absolutely refused to let me see this movie and once I actually saw it, i saw why

That’s the most chilling possible comment on this post.

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gloomyresident said: Your tags are always so legit. i'm so glad we're always on the same wavelength as far as animation goes.

Ahh me too!! <3<3 And I appreciate you telling me this because I always get really self-conscious when I rant or whatever, so knowing you agree with me makes it better >3> XD    

randomrangerblue said: Haven't done any Hijack lately. 75 :) thank you!


you’re right, let’s change that!


Do you ever just stop and think

Would my favourite character actually like me as a person?

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Alan Menken + Disney songs

Happy birthday, Alan Menken!

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